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The Alaska Art Education Association promotes art education through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership. Our intent is to communicate our belief to the organized teaching profession in districts and communities; to strengthen the position of the visual arts as a discipline in the schools; and to affect positively the role of art education in the culture. We work with other related agencies in support of art education statewide.


We dedicate ourselves to aesthetic and humanistic growth and quality performance in the visual arts. With these as our goals, we support visual arts programs that provide depth and breadth of experience in art in order to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of the varied student populations we teach and represent.

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*For all the most recent Fall 2015 Conference information please click on the word Conference at the top of the page.  Workshops and seminars appear in a pull down menu below “Conference” but the agenda, and the UAA course information are on the Conference page itself. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused!  Hope to see you all in Kodiak! Sincerely, AAEA...

FALL Conference Information

AAEA 2015 Fall Conference “Creative Tides” October 2nd, 3rd & 4th This conference will be a “Place-Based Conference” with a focus on gathering materials and information unique to Kodiak Island and then creating personal artworks within choices of workshop settings. Friday, Oct. 2nd, 5 – 9 pm: Registration / Socializing / Making name tags and Sketchbook covers: Friday evening at the Best Western Kodiak Inn Harbor Room – You will be gifted a special conference sketchbook! ALSO: 5 – 8 pm: First Friday art exhibits, most within walking distance Saturday, Oct. 3rd, beginning at 8:30 am at the Kodiak Public Library Multi – purpose room (in walking distance!): Breakfast! 9:30 – 10 Yoga will be offered for 30 minutes with Kodiak’s Maya Edgerly in the multipurpose room for those wishing a stretch and focus time before beginning…bring your own yoga mat if possible… Then gathering to begin the path for inspiration for the morning; choices are: (all will be available as of 10 am) (Maps will be provided) – Baranov Museum – Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center – Alutiiq Museum – Local boat harbor – Russian Orthodox Church Participants will take cameras and sketchbooks to gather materials, ideas, inspiration for the afternoon workshops. 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm: Lunch! at the Library multi – purpose room with guest speaker DeAnn Moore and Jenifer Cameron will have lesson plans to share about Kodiak and Alvin Amason to share  and materials to play with. NOTE: Those participating in the “Shrine” workshop will be leaving for the beach PROMPTLY at 1:30!!! (Due to low tide). 2 – 4:30: Workshops! Choices are: –...

AAEA Awards

  Why nominate? To recognize excellence of an outstanding educator. To focus professional attention on quality art education and exemplary art educators. To increase public awareness of the importance of quality art education. To set standards for quality art education and show how they can be achieved. To provide tangible recognition of achievement, earn respect of colleagues, and enhance professional opportunities for NAEA members. Please submit your nominations for Alaska Art Educator of the Year, Alaska Elementary Art Educator of the Year or Alaska Secondary Art Educator of the Year here. If you are submitting a nomination, please make sure that both you and the nominee are current members of AAEA. * indicates required field Name: * Email: * Alaska Art Educator of the Year Nominee Reason for Educator of the Year Nomination Alaska Elementary Art Educator of the Year Nominee Reason for Elementary Art Educator nomination Alaska Secondary Art Educator of the Year Nominee Reason for Elementary Art Educator nomination CAPTCHA Code:...

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Competition

2011-2112 Scholastic Art an Writing Awards Competition CONGRATULATIONS to the students who had work selected for the show!   Here are the results and a note from the coordinator, Jimmy Riordan. This year we received over 150 individual submissions and 11 portfolios. From that our judges chose about 20 individual works and 3 portfolios to be shown at the Out North Gallery this January. Our jurors had quite the time making their selections from what was a lot of very strong artwork. Gold and silver key awards will be decided at the time of the exhibit’s hanging. Thank you to all of the young artists and their teachers and family for all their hard work. And congratulations to all those individuals who had work selected for the show. Below is a list of those individuals and their pieces that were selected. Pieces that were in both the selected portfolios and individual categories are listed only in the portfolio section. Individual Work: Ashford, Alex                         Deserted Dreams                     Seward High School Brockman, Emily               Overburdened                         Seward High School Burt-Mendenhall, Shalyn             DSC03521                              Bartlett High School Nickell, Dalton                         Necklace                                 Lathrop High School Dinkel, Brenna                         Recovery                                 Wasilla High School Edic, Megan                            Frozen In Time                         Lathrop High School Jones, Bailey                           Splashing                                Wasilla High School Letourneau, Jacqueline             Leather Hard                            Dimond High School Letourneau, Jacqueline              No Xing Permitted                         Dimond High School Lisun , Monica                         City Waters                                     West Valley High School Mitchell,...

Youth Art Month

2012-2013 We are currently looking for an Alaska Art Educator to step into role of Youth Art Month Chair.  It is a great first step working with the organization and can have a big impact on the chosen artist at the state and national level.  If you are interested in learning more about being the Youth Art Month Chair, please contact 2011-2012 This year the flag winner was a 6 year old from North Pole Elementary School. 2010-2011 Heidi Atkinson and Ben Braggonier have volunteered to make the flag with their elementary students this year. 2009-2010 Thank you to Maya Hahn Gauvreau and Anais Moquete Sosa for our YAM 2010 flag! Anais Moquete Sosa, 11 years old, is a 5th grader who designed and batiked our Alaska flag. She was in Bayshore Elementary’s ’50 Year Club’ last year and batiked a similar polar bear on a smaller banner, so Maya asked her if she would like to enlarge the design to 3×5′ and replicate it. She was up for the challenge, even adding an additional polar bear cub from the first design, since there was now more space to work with. Anais says that art is everything to her and that’s her way of expressing herself. The flag will fly at the National Art Education Conference in Baltimore,...

Promoting art education through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership